6 Ways to Save Money with Energy Conservation, Rebates

Posted by on Jun 22, 2020

– Dominion Energy Virginia customers can save money with lighting discounts, appliance rebates- Customers can earn $40 by participating in company’s Smart Cooling Rewards Program- Follow simple steps at home to conserve energy, lower your bill

RICHMOND, Va., June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dominion Energy has options available to help customers reduce energy consumption and save money as summer heat arrives and many are spending more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are a few ways customers can save money on their bill:

1. Purchase energy-efficient lighting and other products at a discount directly through the Dominion Energy Online Marketplace. Dominion Energy customers can save when they use high-quality energy-efficient products offered in the new marketplace. Free shipping on orders over $35.

2. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances at a discount. Save up to $100 on a new ENERGY STAR® certified appliance and get instant savings on lighting.

  • Save $100 on a new clothes dryer or $50 on fridges, freezers, dishwashers, humidifiers and washing machines. Find eligible models and submit rebates for ENERGY STAR® appliances. In addition to rebates, these appliances use up to 50 percent less energy, lowering your monthly energy costs for years to come.

3. Enroll in the Smart Cooling Rewards Program. Earn a $40 annual bill credit, help the environment, and reduce stress on the energy grid by enrolling in this program.

  • Dominion Energy will install an air-conditioner cycling switch on your outdoor unit for free. When demand for energy is high, Dominion Energy may cycle the air conditioner on and off for a defined interval. Customers can get a text message to be notified in advance and can opt-out of a specific date or unenroll at any time.
  • Learn more by clicking here: https://dom.powerportal.com/dom/residential/#apply or by calling 1-888-366-8280. Visit the company’s website for more information or with questions about meeting the eligibility requirements.

4. Turn the thermostat up. The number one way to conserve energy is to be conscious of the thermostat setting during the summer months. According to the Department of Energy, customers can save up to 3 percent on their bill for each degree they turn the thermostat up. Try increasing it to the EPA’s recommended 78 degrees, especially when away from home.

5. Run large appliances at night. Consider doing dishes or laundry later in the evening to reduce the heat and humidity that are added to your home.

6. Close your blinds. Sunlight shining through windows can account for up to 40 percent of unwanted heat gain and can force air conditioners to work two to three times harder. Close blinds or curtains during the day and see bills go down.

Once conditions safely allow, Dominion Energy will resume additional energy-efficiency programs, including the appliance recycling program and home energy assessments. Even more energy conservation programs are on the way as part of the company’s commitment to give customers more ways to save money and energy.

Within the past decade, Dominion Energy has helped save 760 gigawatt hours of energy in Virginia and North Carolina. Since 2008, Dominion Energy has implemented nearly 40 energy-efficiency and demand side management programs and pilots, enrolling more than 331,000 customer participants and issuing more than $177 million in rebates to customers for energy-efficiency upgrades. In that time, the company has also weatherized nearly 39,000 homes under the low-income weatherization programs.

Energy-efficiency programs help meet the objectives laid out in the Virginia Clean Economy Act and further Dominion Energy’s commitment to helping customers, while meeting the company’s goal of net-zero carbon and methane emissions across the 20 states it serves by 2050.

Dominion Energy recognizes the challenges customers may be facing at this time, and the company is here to help. In addition to energy conservation programs, Dominion Energy is expanding assistance to Virginia customers facing hardship. Subject to regulatory approval, the company is committed to extending its policy of not disconnecting customers for nonpayment until at least October 14, 2020. Dominion Energy will assess whether to further extend that date based on a range of factors, including customer needs and economic conditions. Plus, customers can now receive up to $1,200 in payment assistance through EnergyShare, up from $900. To learn more about the company’s coronavirus relief efforts, visit https://www.dominionenergy.com/company/coronavirus.

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More than 7 million customers in 20 states energize their homes and businesses with electricity or natural gas from Dominion Energy (NYSE: D), headquartered in Richmond, Va. The company is committed to sustainable, reliable, affordable and safe energy and is one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy with more than $100 billion of assets providing electric generation, transmission and distribution, as well as natural gas storage, transmission, distribution and import/export services. The company is committed to achieving net zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions from its power generation and gas infrastructure operations by 2050. Please visit DominionEnergy.com to learn more.


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