Green Deal Union launches it’s first Green Deal Forum for loft and cavity wall insulation installers across the UK

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014

Green Deal Installers will be happy to know that there has been a new website launched, to help Green Deal Installers, collectively discuss the current Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) and Green Deal, including that of the Loft and Cavity wall insulation suppliers also. This will enable the installers across the UK, to widely discuss their current process and what they deem fair as a market price, which can promote both growth and sustainability within both the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) and the Green Deal.

Green Deal Unions will be hosting the website and will be administering the discussions to ensure there is no self promotion on the website, and the forum is used for the sole purpose, of correct guidance from Ofgem and DECC with regards to specification and also for installers to collectively agree price per carbon tonne that they deem to be a fair and sustainable price across the industry.

ECO and Green Deal has seen a very turbulent start to it’s legacy and with recent brokerage figures plummeting, Green Deal Union has deemed it necessary to stop any further panic selling and panic contract signing, to ensure that hundreds of Green Deal Installers do not go bankrupt over night.

The website is shown below and all registered Green Deal Installers, will have to provide their current BBA number to prove that they are an authorised Green Deal Installer.

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