U.S. Auto Sales: Chrysler Group LLC up 10% in December, now eying on Ford Motor (NYSE:F) and others

Posted by on Jan 03, 2013

U.S. auto sales of Chrysler Group LLC advanced 10% in the last month of 2012, led by a sharp increase in the Dodge brand. Results were above projections versus car-shopping website Edmunds.com. Looking at a broader picture, U.S. new auto sales for December are projected to increase 9.6% as compared to the same month in 2011 and 19% from November, according to Edmunds. For Chrysler, Edmunds was looking for a 7.3% year-over-year sales growth.

For December, Chrysler said it car sales remained 152,367, higher as compared to 138,019 a year ago, and 24% above the prior month’s total of 122,565. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) and the other auto makers are sales to release December sales later Thursday. Ford on Saturday said it expects to have sold 2.2 million cars under its main brand in 2012, up 7 percent from 2011.

Ford extended new high today.

Make an opinion on the latest price movement of Ford (F) stock using some technical indicators

On Wednesday, the Ford stock closed at $13.20, up0.25 points or 1.93% from previous close and at a distance of +11.99% from 20-day simple moving average. In the last trading session, the stock’s price moved 25.41% above its 200 day moving average, changing hands as low as $13.00 per share. The stock is currently trading 17.76% up its SMA 50.

How well the stock has been performing?

The percentage change in the price over the past fifty two weeks remained at +13.89%. The price range in the same period had a lowest hit of $8.82 on Aug 02, 2012.The 1-year target price estimate, which is the median price target, as set by analysts covering the stock is $14.00. The stock in last 12 months gained 25.95%.

Does stock market trend influences this stock?

This stock is more risky when compared to the shifts in the equity markets as its beta value is standing at 2.27. To measure price-variation, we found this stock’s volatility over a week period was 3.02% and for the month was 2.46%.

What is Wall Street analysts’ recommendation on this stock?

The analyst mean recommendation for this week has been 2.1, same as was in the last week. The price target of$12.00 was the lowest while the highest price target was set as $20.00, according to 15 analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters.



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